What do you do? 

We are a cultural exchange channel between Latinos/Hispanics and the community at large.

What inspired you to start your business? 

We realized that a creative hub was needed for the Latino community in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

What's special about your business? 

We offer various forms of art in Spanish and some bilingual projects.

What have been the high and low points of being a business owner? 

Highs: Unbelievable support from our team of volunteers and the community in general. Also, seeing the impact we make on people of all ages who benefit from our shows, book circles, and classes.

Lows: financial challenges.

What have you learned from your experiences as a business owner? 

Not to give up! To be transparent and to stay true to our mission.

What is your relationship with SCORE? 
SCORE client
What influenced you to seek help from SCORE? 

We were looking for more expertise in the non-profit world. It is a different set up for sure.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has kept us connected with other organizations, and keeps us updated about resources offered in the community for our growth.

What's great about my mentor? 

Jon has been extraordinary at connecting us with more people in the community who we can work with or learn from. He also shares great information with us for webinars, and other opportunities we should not miss. He talks proudly about our work and has helped us spread the word about the work we do.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business? 

Get the right guidance and ask all the questions before you take a step. Do not make assumptions...they will just delay processes in the long term.

Expanding our Connections