Unleashing Your Sales Superpowers

Meshell takes you on a journey that explores the modern-day selling style. She will demonstrate why integrating the social and emotional needs of today's buyers into your sales process increases outcomes. Are you ready to move past “trying to figure it out?” Meshell reveals a proven formula to sell directly to your client's specific emotional needs building lasting relationships and creating loyal fan clients. 

Focus always begins with a plan. Let’s get you a clear and compelling vision that becomes both your master plan AND your superpower. Are you ready to have a clear vision and a focused commitment that leads to unparalleled sales success!

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Meshell Baker is the Owner of Meshell Baker Enterprises, founded to help female founders, women business owners, and sales leaders empower their salespeople to develop high-performance resilience and unstoppable confidence. Meshell, along with her team, leverages her 25+ years of sales and leadership success in more than a dozen countries, to inspire energetic and collaborative communication.

Owner, of Meshell Baker Enterprises

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Unleashing Your Sales Superpowers