Technology and Cybersecurity for Small Businesses: How to do business safely online

As a business owner, you may need some guidance on how to organize your IT activities so you can attend to your business and have predictability, reliability, and certainty. This free interactive Forum will help you realize the risks and the value of using technology for your business. It will enable you to make smarter decisions about using technology and protect your business, clients and employees against cyber attacks, malware, ransomware, phishing, trojan horses, viruses and other malicious attacks that can severely set your business back. Take steps toward mitigating the risk of falling victim to cyber attacks.


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About the Author(s)

 Ramin  Hashemi

Throughout his career, Ramin excelled in transforming organizations in order to maximize their effectiveness and profitability by leveraging technology, process improvement, and cost management.

Certified Score Mentor
 Mehrdad   Shabestari

Mehrdad has 20 years of experience in information systems and technology, and has implemented technology solutions for organizations of varying sizes. He was instrumental in securing the technology infrastructure of the Minnesota State government. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

SCORE Southeast Minnesota Chapter Chair
 Devin   McSweeney

Cybersecurity professional with extensive formal and career training in the domains of software development and security. Mr. McSweeney is passionate about secure system configuration, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing techniques. His Master's degree is in cybersecurity, with an emphasis in Data Network Security and Applied Cryptography. In his spare time,

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