Sources of Funding

Part 4 of SCORE Manasota's March series, "Starting a Business and Ensuring Financial Sustainability"

Are you seeking a business loan or looking to improve your cash flow position? In this webinar, we present you with all the options available to secure more cash for your business including: Bank Loan, SBA Loan, Personal Loan, Friends & Family, Equipment Financing, Crowdfunding, Angel Investors and Grants & Awards.

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"Very detailed and comprehensive."

"Covered many financing options."

"Brief and data rich."

"Concise, succinct explanations."

"Very clear presentation, no extraneous unnecessary info."

"Quick but informative overview."


Boris Livshutz

Boris is a seasoned technologist, entrepreneur and leader. Formerly from Silicon Valley and Seattle, Boris now resides in Sarasota. He has held senior positions at large technology companies like Oracle and has help build several startups from concept to IPO. Boris is an angel investor in startups as well as an owner of an Airbnb business in Tampa. He holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley in Computer Science and Economics. Boris’s expertise is in helping founders in understanding current business and technology trends, executing on a technical vision, attracting Angel investors, recruiting, and scaling companies.

Key Topics

Source of Funding