Is Print Marketing Dead?

Should you consider adding print marketing to your marketing mix? SCORE Manasota’s experts will show you which print marketing outlets you should consider including in your mix. 

View and download the presentation PDF here.

About the Author(s)

 Sally  Ullman

Sally is a professional photographer with over 40 years’ experience spanning branding differentiation in marketing/small business studio ownership/successful home-based businesses and helping others that are converting a hobby into a business.

Certified Score Member, SCORE Manasota
Joe Anziano

I can work with you, as an individual entrepreneur, on how to organize your time for maximum impact, set priorities to grow your business, seek and acquire valuable clients and help with the decisions on how and when to expand whether through contract relationships, or hiring critical resources. Being smart and effective with your time and marketing dollars is critical. I can help with your...

Is Print Marketing Dead?