Marketing to Your Target Market and Research Tools

Recorded Video

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Marketing can be as easy as P.I.E. Whether you are just starting your business or struggling to grow an existing business, this workshop is for you. Should you spend your marketing time and money online or in traditional marketing? Is a Facebook page the best place to market your company?  By the end of this session, you will have the answers to these questions. You’ll also have a list of actionable steps you can take immediately to market your business for success. 

 In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Take your customers on the journey from awareness to purchase
  • Maximize the impact of the 4 Ps of marketing
  • Discover the true potential of your company’s success in your local market
  • Easily explain why you are better than the competition by creating a USP
  • Discover why customers really want to buy your product or service
  • Decide the best place to spend your marketing time and money
  • Make your company stand out from the competition with branding
  • Take the first step toward increasing the success of your business. Register for this workshop today to start your journey to building your business – easy as P.I.E.                                                                                              Register and Watch Video

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By: Jack Morris

Register, attend, and be amazed as the following will appear and impress and dazzle your senses;

SCORE: the mysterious world where it all exists
BMC: the sacred blueprint and strategy from which all knowledge and insights flow
SWOT: Is it a skill, a talent, or simply a logical path to enlightenment?
USP: Uttered only in hushed tones, this is a vital key to success, sales, and truckloads of customers
P.I.E.: (spoiler alert: it’s not a dessert!)
AIDA: Briefly, you are what you say --- including how & when you say it


"The presenter was very clear, and pleasant to listen to - kept the subject matter appropriate and precise."

"It is an easy way to get some good info."

"Jack does an amazing job of putting all the Marketing pieces together. From 4-P's to PIE to SWOT analysis to AIDA. Clear, relatable examples throughout the workshop."

"Engaging and informative."

"I like that Jack is so sociable, approachable, and not stuck on formality that would separate him from getting to the point. He uses every day speaking. He's easy to listen to. He's intuitive. Who needs stiltedness? Many other speakers waste so much time trying to be "perfect" or something. It's very boring. Not Jack. Thanks, Jack."

"So good that this could have been 2 workshops with more examples and Q&A."

"Good overview of key elements."


Jack Morris: Certified SCORE Mentor

Jack moved to Sarasota a year ago. A career marketing-advertising professional with over 35 years of experience in; brand management, retail food, full-service ad agency (for Chick fil-A and Georgia-Pacific), and hospitality (e.g. lodging, dining, recreation, and special events). He transitioned into a 2nd career as a college instructor with responsibilities in both the Communication and Business-Hospitality Colleges at Georgia State University for over 15 years. He holds a MBA in Marketing Management from New York University and completed his Doctoral courses in Communication at GSU. His expertise is in all facets of new product development as applied to various business and academic categories, and situations.

Marketing to Your Target Market and Research Tools - Recorded Video