Manasota SCORE is here to help you improve performance of your existing business! 

We recognize that you, a busy business owner, don't have time to spend in long workshops that cover general topics about improving your business.

Our local Meetup Group meets monthly during working hours and focuses on discussion of a specific topic for about and hour! 

You will meet talented speakers and SCORE mentors.  You may also can sign up for personal on-on-one mentoring to get better focus on YOUR business success strategies.

Typical Meetup topics are:

Know The Market to Position Your Business Correctly

Increase Profits by Improving Internal Company Activities

Effective Use of Traditional Promotion Tools

. . . and many more!

Join our Meetup Group and sign up for the next meeting discussion.



How do I know the areas where my business needs to improve?

. . . Use the SCORE Business Needs Assessment

Download the Simplified Business Needs Assessment and begin your self-assessment of your business to determine which workshops would offer you the highest value!  This is a "quick" assessment that you can use to find out the areas on which you may want to work. Plan to attend our Meetup Group so you can tell us what topics YOU want to discuss.

  Click on the link below to download the assessment:

Download the Self-Assessment tool