How to Transform your Unique Selling Proposition into Leads through SEO

This recording is part 2 of SCORE Manasota's 2021 Marketing Series.

This webinar will take your value proposition and your USP into the realm of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We will walk you through the process of creating a keyword driven content strategy. We’ll explain what a long tail Keyword is, and what On-Page and Off- Page optimizations are. You will also learn how to build backlinks to your website and how to avoid black-hat optimization. If you are seeking to build an inbound revenue generation process, this webinar is for you! 

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"Great slides, covered a lot of ground verbally for a variety of learners, repeated the names of mozlocal, google my business and Ubersuggest and costs and preferences bases on mo/annual fees. Willingness to cover content from presentation 1 of 4 and 3 of 4 to ground audiences in the big picture of SCORES purpose and mission for this 4 part Zoom Series."

"It really covered the full picture of SEO for someone who was completely clueless...I appreciated how through the lecturer was."

"Very clear and concise presentation."

"Lots of great information I wouldn't know about unless I read about it (& I'm sure I learned things I would not have learned about reading about SEO)."

"Extremely informative!"

"A lot of detail, nitty gritty about SEO."

"I learned a lot!"

"Great speaker!"

About the Author(s)

Jack Morris

Jack Morris' expertise is in all facets of new product development as applied to various business and academic categories, and situations. He holds a MBA in Marketing Management from New York University and completed his Doctoral courses in Communication at GSU.

Certified SCORE Mentor, SCORE Manasota
 Jeremy  Petty

Jeremy is a digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience. He was born and raised in the state of Florida. Jeremy holds a BFA from The Art Institutes.

SCORE Presenter , SCORE Manasota
How to Transform your Unique Selling Proposition into Leads through SEO