Getting Things Done in The Gig Economy

Today’s entrepreneurs have immediate access to unlimited skills and some of the best minds on the planet - yet most make little use of this. Contracted work sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and allow you to outsource parts of your projects for less, while popular information-sharing crowdsourcing sites like Quora allow access to professionals in many fields, from Law to Technology, often at no cost. This facilitates entrepreneurs to bootstrap their businesses and turn dreams into reality.

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Craig Issod

I have 45 years of self-employed experience and a genuine desire to see others succeed. I have worked in many different fields so can often bring a rounded perspective to my clients. My experience includes construction, retail, wholesale, patents and trademarks, manufacturing and internet consulting and publishing. I also have strengths in real estate, basic contracts (especially buying and...

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Getting Things Done in The Gig Economy