The Success Story of Fundamental Psychology 

Created to Support the Fundamentals of Mental Health

Fundamental Psychology was created to support the fundamentals of mental health Therapy for children, adults and couples. Founder, Angela Steranko, discusses her experience starting her business and how SCORE has helped her grow Fundamental Psychology to become the success that it is today. In her presentation, Angela goes through the startup process, how she began managing her small business, the personal growth she experienced, and the impact SCORE mentors had on her business's success.

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Meet Dr. Angela Steranko

Owner/Founder of Fundamental Psychology

I specialize in working with children, teens and families. Most often, the clients I help struggle with anxiety, social difficulties, low mood, family stress and behavior issues. If consent is given, I believe the best client care is when the client and I work collaboratively with family members and other professionals including primary care physicians, teachers, and psychiatrists to provide comprehensive care.

I am highly experienced in working with children, adolescents and young adults through their 20’s. I offer a relaxed, judgement-free atmosphere to help guide families through challenges and provide support through approaches based on research.

In my work with young adults, we often figure out how to navigate relationships, find your own identity and seek a purpose for the current phase of life. I truly value a person’s search for independence and sense of direction with wherever they’re at in their process.

In addition to therapy services, I also conduct gifted testing with students and provide comprehensive reports to use in the schools determination for advanced educational supports. Lastly, I enjoy doing speaking engagements in the community focusing on a variety of mental health topics.

Key Topics

Fundamental Psychology's Experience with SCORE