Welcome to the Complete Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Program. Please take some time to complete this assessment so that we can help you develop a customized growth plan for your business.

Business Needs Assessment

Download the form and complete the provided questions, such as:

  1. Describing Your Business
  2. Business Focus and Niche
  3. Reasons for Starting your Business

Then you can go on and list metrics and describe your zones of confort with your business, as well as the areas of difficulties.

Simple Steps for Growing Your Business Program

By completing the 20 pages in the Business Assessment Tool, your SCORE mentor will be able to assess your business development needs and help you address them. Areas of improvement can be identified and worked on by:

  1. Taking the necessary workshops in Business Planning, Financial Management, Marketing, Sales and Operations. 
  2. Regular meeting with your SCORE mentor
  3. Involving SCORE subject matter experts when necessary

SCORE offers many solutions to meet your needs. Ask your mentor which of these programs is right for you.

FREE Business Assessment Tool - Complete