A Florida Business Owner's Repsonse to the COVID Shutdown

Watch this inspiring video on how a multiple business owner in FL relied on SCORE to get through the COVID-19 business shutdown while securing and using the CARES Act PPP and EIDL loans to stay afloat!


About Kristine Marsh:

Kristine Marsh grew up in a family-based small-businesses 60 miles south of Chicago. Her family owned pet shops and dog grooming businesses. She went to school for Business and upon graduation began her career in the education market. 

Kristine moved to FL in 1995 after being offered a job with Arthur Anderson in Sarasota. She decided however that it wasn't for her. Kristine returned to the education market and went on to be the National Sales Manager for a small education company based in Naples. During that time, she opened and sold, a dog grooming salon in Bradenton. Kristine then started Destination Knowledge in 2004. While running Destination Knowledge, she bought the The Title Boxing Club at Sarasota Univiersity Park 3 years ago. 

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Kristine held on to all of her employees in both businesses despite of the order to shut them both down as they were both deemed unessential. 

Kristine learned of SCORE while participating in the Jim Moran Entrepreneur course in Ft Lauderdale. She applied and received both PPP and EIDL loans. She felt the pain that small businesses in our area experienced and suffered great financial losses. She is doing her best to recover.  

Both businesses have reopened and are slowly ramping up back to full operations.


A FL Business Owner's Handling of the COVID-19 Shutdown