Exit Strategy for Small Businesses

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Sooner or later, every business owner will confront the issue of what to do with their business. As growth accelerates and the owner builds equity, the exiting process increases in complexity.

Common questions include:

  1. How can I identify a legitimate buyer?
  2. Should I consider selling on an installment basis?
  3. How can I pass the business to family members?
  4. What is my business worth?

There are many answers to seek before an exit strategy is formulated.

Whether the exit decision is voluntary, forced by poor health, or other uncontrollable factors, this free event provides business owners the following answers:

  • The most common forms of exit strategy
  • The optimum time to start planning for business succession
  • Key considerations before selling a business
  • The most important issues to consider when selling a small business
  • Increasing the value of the business well before entering the exit phase
  • The most common purchase finance tactics possible for buyers
  • The importance of financial statements
  • Difference between asset sale and stock sale
  • Importance of cash flow versus receivables and assets
  • Advice to business owners thinking about an exit strategy

Similarly, buyers have to go down an analogous path on the buying side and perform due diligence before signing a purchase agreement. It is important that you know what sellers will be concerned about.

This workshop is for both buyers and sellers alike.

About the Author(s)

 Jory  Berkwits

Jory retired from Merrill Lynch after a highly rewarding forty year career in 2012, and was recognized in Whos Who, the National Consumer Research Bureau, and Barron's as one of the top financial advisors in the country.

Certified Score Mentor, SCORE Manasota
 Peter  Gruits

Peter “Uncle Pete” has lived in Sarasota since 2010. Peter is a Florida Real Estate investor, Business Broker and Realtor whose career path included; NYSE broker with Paine Webber, Loan Officer CitiCorp, NY, Managing Member Keystone Real Estate Investments & Managing Partner Sky Bridge Technologies

Certified Score Mentor & Presenter
 Dennis  Zink

Business Alchemist, Exit Strategist, specializing in start-ups, expanding sales channels, creative marketing, strategic planning, turnarounds, acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buy-outs, inside the box and outside the box creative initiatives strategies.

Workshop Presenter, SCORE Manasota
 MIchael  Zuckerman

As a lawyer for over 50 years, Michael specialized in corporate and business matters, and in estate planning. In his later years with the firm, he served as mentor to the young lawyers coming into the firm, and as consultant to other lawyers who welcomed his expertise in matters in which he had extensive experience.

Certified Score Mentor, SCORE Manasota
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