We will introduce you to 3 financial statements that will give you a high level “dashboard” for how your business is performing financially so you can secure a business loan.

A pre-forum survey revealed that most respondents do not utilize financial statements to guide their business decisions, for example:

  • 75% do not know their gross profit margin
  • 78% do not rely on income statements
  • 73% do not generate balance sheets

Sign up and hear Ray make a case for the importance of the numbers, but more importantly their meaning!

View and download the presentation PDF here.

About the Author(s)

 Raymond  Vicks Jr.

Ray retired after serving over thirty years as a Big Four CPA Firm audit and consulting executive, followed by three years as the CFO of a Washington, DC-based healthcare system. During his career he provided services to academic medical centers, health insurers, managed care plans, long-term care facilities, physician practice groups and public healthcare agencies.

Certified Score Mentor
Financial Series - Understanding Financial Statements and Sustainability