Part 3 of SCORE Manasota's "All You Need to Know About Sales" Series:

Client Journey: Sales Tools & Metrics



Tools, Metrics, Process, eCommerce and Making the Numbers Add Up!". 

Are you looking for some powerful tools to help your business excel in sales while creating better client relationships? Client Relationship Management Systems and high-tech selling tools like Salesforce, Dynamics and HubSpot, can aid in building a recession proof business. Learn how to identify and measure your marketing and sales key performance indicators (KPIs) to move your business forward into 2021!

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About the Author(s)

 Nabil  Freij

Certified SCORE Manasota Mentor and Co-Chair, problem solver and entrepreneur. Nabil draws from various technical & management skills to streamline business processes & operations, maximizing profitability. Skilled in all aspects of running a small business including Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, IT & HR. Author of Enabling Globalization, trilingual, MSEE from Brown, MBA from Bryant.

Marketing Chair, Previous Co-Chair, SCORE Manasota

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Client Journey: Sales Tools & Metrics