Client Journey: Sales Tools & Metrics

This presentation is Part 1 of SCORE Manasota's brand new series, "All You Need to Know About Sales: Tools, Metrics, Process, eCommerce and Making the Numbers Add Up!". 

Are you looking for some powerful tools to help your business excel in sales while creating better client relationships? Client Relationship Management Systems and high-tech selling tools like Salesforce, Dynamics and HubSpot, can aid in building a recession proof business. Learn how to identify and measure your marketing and sales key performance indicators (KPIs) to move your business forward into 2021!

The recording of Part 2 of the series is available here: eCommerce with WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify | SCORE

Part 3 of the series, Building a Salesforce: How to manage sales people and train them - C0116 | SCORE, is Wednesday, February 17th at 12 PM.

Part 4 of the series, Sales: The lifeblood of your business - C0116 | SCORE, is Wednesday, February 25th at 12 PM.

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Nabil Freij

Nabil worked for several large and small companies in varying engineering and management positions including founding and running a small business since 1996. A problem solver and entrepreneur, he draws from his various technical and management skills to streamline business processes and operations, minimizing costs and maximizing profitability. Skilled in all aspects of running a small business including Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, IT and HR. Author of Enabling Globalization, he is trilingual and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, an MS from Brown University, and an MBA from Bryant University.


Paula Biltmore

Paula Biltmore has spent the last 25 years working with business owners to understand their operational flow and how to shift into a value, data analytics based, growth focused organization. This means optimizing human capital while focusing on creative and effective organizational operations. Paula has presented these topics nationally specifically focusing on strategic and tactical planning, cutting edge training, and optimal financial outcomes aligned with office and operational procedures.

Paula has earned her BA in Psychology, her Master’s Degree and all of her PhD coursework in Education Leadership. She has served in Academia, both administratively and on the Public Speaking faculty, she has served numerous start-ups from business planning and raising capital to CEO executive coaching. Paula has a strong commitment and passion for human development with specific interest in neuroscience, habit change and motivation science.


Client Journey: Sales Tools & Metrics