“Don’t be afraid, be prepared.” Any business with a physical location is vulnerable to violence. In this episode, host Dennis Zink speaks with Bradenton, FL Police Captain Brian Thiers and Venice Area (Florida) Chamber of Commerce President Kathy Lehner about the measures you can take to prepare your location and staff to prevent or limit the effects of an active shooter invading your business. They discuss situational awareness, the “avoid, deny, defeat” – also known as the “run, hide, fight” imperative, and other ways to avoid being a victim. Make yourself less vulnerable after viewing this important program!

Active Shooter Training Video

Watch and listen carefully, this video can save your life! 

No one starts their day expecting it to be their last. We have all said “It can’t happen here” until it does.


Numbing Statistics

Between 2001 and 2008, there were approximately 5 active shooting incidents a year in the USA.

This number jumped up to 30 shooting incidents in 2017!

Here Is What You'll Learn

Why are incidents on the rise?

How does the police train for these incidents?

How much time does it typically take for the police to arrive?

Is reloading a time to fight or flee?

Is there a profile of an Active Shooter?

What is lizard brain?

What do you say to your children?

Workplace Safety

How can these incidents be prevented?

Is there training available to local businesses?

What can a business owner do to reduce the risks of an attack?

What life saving tactics are recommended to avoid being shot?

Is it wise for business owners to arm themselves?

What are some of the most vulnerable venues?

Learn the answers to these important questions and much more by watching The Active Shooter Survival Guide video.


Dennis Zink, SCORE Manasota Chapter Chair


Kathy Lehner, President, Venice Chamber of Commerce
Brian Thiers, Captain, Bradenton Police

SCORE would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to Kathy and Brian for providing insights on this most important and timely topic.

Disaster Preparedness

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