SCORE Manasota offers Workshops for new and existing businesses to assist entrepreneurs in starting up and successfully growing small businesses.

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Starting a Business in Florida

If you've been considering starting your own small business, but are unsure of how and where to begin, don't miss out on this workshop.   You will be provided with step by step information about how to start a business in Florida, the necessity of business planning, business structures, and profit and loss statements.  Once you have successfully completed this session, you will be better able to decide if your business idea is worth pursuing, and you will be armed with the information necessary to continue onward with your business endeavor.

9 Foundations to Building Your Successful Business

Unfortunately, 65% of all startups fail within 10 years. Your business doesn’t need to be one of the failures. During this 2-hour working session, you will put pen to paper and begin the process of enhancing your odds of business success by leveraging one of the easiest and proven business tools available, the Business Model Canvas. By the end of this interactive workshop, you will have a better understanding of the practical focus areas for YOU to help YOUR business succeed.

Marketing to Your Target Market

Marketing can be as easy as P.I.E. Whether you are just starting your business or struggling to grow an existing business, this workshop is for you. Should you spend your marketing time and money online or in traditional marketing? Is a Facebook page the best place to market your company?  By the end of this session, you will have the answers to these questions. You’ll also have a list of actionable steps you can take immediately to market your business for success.

Converting Prospects to Customers “Everything starts with a sale!”

This workshop is a basic training program on Sales.  It will reacquaint experienced sales people with the many elements of a selling process and will teach new sales people the skills needed to find prospects and turn them into customers.   You will learn that the sales method needed will vary depending upon the complexity and cost of the product or service being sold.  You will be shown the various steps of a sale and then taught the needed skills to make you a professional sales person. Once you have successfully completed this session, you will be prepared to initiate a Sales Plan for your business to create prospects which can be converted to sales and profits.

Business Number Basics Am I Making Money? 

Are you struggling to understand if your business is making money? Do you have a panic attack when people say “You should know your numbers”? Do you avoid talking to your accountant because you don’t understand your “statements”?  You didn’t get into business to spend all day with numbers. We know that. However, a business owner needs a basic dashboard to understand how their business is performing. We make this process simple.  At this workshop, we will introduce 3 financial statements that will give you a high level “dashboard” for how your business is performing financially.




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