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Accounting Digital Transformation - Automation Digitalization Integration

March 14, 2019,

As a CEO, wouldn't you like real-time metrics and the ability to measure ROI on all your ongoing projects? By digitalizing and automating accounting tasks, you can complete them in little time giving you full control over your company's finances and future...


Cashing-In Part 3 – The 10-Step Business Sale Process

This video outlines the steps in the business selling process leading to a successful exit. We will have a free-flowing dialogue on the first five steps. Step one was arrange for... Read more


Human Resources Automation - Digitalizing Hiring, Retaining & Developing Employees

February 6, 2019,

The digitalization of human resources (HR) is well underway. With digitalization, companies are saving time posting jobs, sifting through resumes, following up with applicants, contacting qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, filing necessary forms, complying with regulations, performing training, scheduling shifts, tracking hours, managing payroll, overseeing performance reviews, ensuring worker attendance, surveying employee satisfaction, offering fringe benefits and attending to employee issues. The HR department has the greatest impact on the company’s culture. The digital transformation of your HR department helps enable digital changes throughout your entire organization.


Cashing-In Part 2 – Business Valuation

Once you decide to sell your business, business valuation becomes one of the most pressing items. Don’t let your guard down. Make sure you have the right people guiding you... Read more


Importance of a Quality Management System (QMS) for CEOs

January 28, 2019,

Every company is unique; it either doesn’t know it yet, or it doesn’t know how to articulate its uniqueness. A Quality Management System can crystallize your unique selling proposition.


Cashing In – How to Exit Your Business

Small business owners time and again confront the issue of what to do with their business. This SCORE Business TV series starting with Cashing In – How to Exit Your Business,... Read more


Customer Experience & Intimacy for CEOs

January 2, 2019,

Enrich Your Customer Intimacy Digital Strategy with Online Surveys, Reviews & Social Media Interactions. A genuine ration of human contact coupled with mature online technologies will produce astonishing experiences for you and your customers.


Inside Sales Transformation - Process & Metrics

December 13, 2018,

Companies spend on average, 7-15% on sales. A properly staffed, trained, motivated and rewarded inside salesforce empowered with digital technologies can cut sales cost significantly! Find out how...


Lead Nurturing & Email Marketing for CEOs

December 10, 2018,

Effectively manage leads and build a 24/7 lead nurturing process to turn leads into warm prospects using CRM and email workflows.


The Active Shooter Survival Guide

No one starts their day expecting it to be their last. This video, “The Active Shooter Survival Guide” is produced by SCORE to help small business owners... Read more


Digital Content and Keywords for CEOs

November 4, 2018,

By far, the most important element for a website is its digital content. A website without valuable, original and engaging content coupled with optimal use of keywords will perpetually remain in obscurity. Digital content is the lifeblood of your inbound marketing strategy. Learn here how you can turn your website into your most effective lead generation tool!


Effective Web Design for CEOs

October 29, 2018,

An effective web design will enhance your brand, educate current & prospective clients about your products & services, deliver quality leads, attract the right suppliers, partners & investors, and scare off competition by erecting barriers to entry. Read to learn how to implement effective web design.