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7 Budgeting Basics for Small Business Owners

August 16, 2018,

Budgeting is essential for your small business success. Check out these seven budgeting basics.

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Why You Must Start Financial Planning Now

August 8, 2018,

Small business owners invest countless hours and capital to build and grow their business. For many business owners, their individual wealth is tied back to their business and their sole source of income.

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Managing Your Money Vs. Managing Your Business Finances

October 11, 2017,

Let’s take a look at 4 top situations when your personal and business finances should be handled differently.

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3 Likely Reasons Your Business Loan Application May Have Been Rejected

September 20, 2017,

Depending upon where you apply, your business credit profile, and other factors, it might be difficult to get a loan approval.

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What Does My Business Credit Profile Reveal About My Business?

September 13, 2017,

There is some confusion about whether or not every small business has a credit profile (in addition to a personal credit score.) If your business is a registered business, including sole proprietorships, along with your personal credit score, your business will have a business credit profile.

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Running a Business Comes with Challenges. Here’s How to Bounce Back

September 8, 2017,

Some challenges will put stress on your business — and yourself — more than others, and bouncing back after such a challenge can be crucial in your long-term recovery.

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How Does My Personal Credit Score Impact My Business Loan Application?

September 6, 2017,

Although your business credit profile and your personal credit score are very different, and even express different information about you and your business, they both impact your ability to qualify for loan and the options available to your business.

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5 Reasons It Might Be Time to Switch Business Banks

August 2, 2017

With a range of financial institutions vying for your business, from small and big banks to credit unions and online lenders, there’s no reason to stay in an unsatisfactory banking relationship.

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Are You Planning for Your Future?

July 25, 2017,

One-third of small business owners in a recent Manta survey say they have no retirement plan at all.

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16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time — STEP 11: Manage Your Money

May 22, 2017

In step 10 of the “16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time" ebook, learn how to manage your money.

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Debt Myths Debunked: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

February 15, 2017,

Understanding the truth about small business loans and other forms of debt financing will reveal opportunities for growth, and it will help you manage your business with confidence.