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New Business Formations Skyrocketed in 2020 During COVID

June 29, 2021,

New Business Formations skyrocketed in 2020 during COVID and this new high level continues into 2021. Since 2014 the monthly data has averaged 250,000 but in July of 2020 this number jumped to 551,000 and has currently stabilized in the high 480,000s/month.


Should I Insource or Outsource SEO?

October 20, 2019,

Learn about the different SEO tools and if a small business owner or an entrepreneur should handle his/her own SEO, or, hire a professional. Getting the proper insourced or outsourced SEO help is not easy.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Non-Techies

October 16, 2019,

We will dive into what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage it to gain business advantage.


What is Digital Marketing?

September 15, 2019,

Digital Marketing offers new marketing channels and enables tracking customers' digital footprints. Learn about these channels and how to best harness them to improve your campaigns' return on investment.


Digital Transformation Benefits

August 8, 2019,

From streamlining operations to erecting barriers to entry, learn why small companies should consider a digital strategy implementation.


Maximize Your Exit Options & Digital Value

August 5, 2019,

If you are a CEO of a small company with investors, you have a fiduciary obligation to your stockholders to present them with all exit options and offers. Read to know your exit options, maximize your total value & stay ready.


IT is the Backbone of Digital Transformation

April 9, 2019,

Use IT to streamline your value chain and achieve digital optimization, then transformation. Your goal as a small company should be to join the digital age by avoiding reinventing the wheel.


Accounting Digital Transformation - Automation Digitalization Integration

March 14, 2019,

As a CEO, wouldn't you like real-time metrics and the ability to measure ROI on all your ongoing projects? By digitalizing and automating accounting tasks, you can complete them in little time giving you full control over your company's finances and future...


Human Resources Automation - Digitalizing Hiring, Retaining & Developing Employees

February 6, 2019,

The digitalization of human resources (HR) is well underway. With digitalization, companies are saving time posting jobs, sifting through resumes, following up with applicants, contacting qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, filing necessary forms, complying with regulations, performing training, scheduling shifts, tracking hours, managing payroll, overseeing performance reviews, ensuring worker attendance, surveying employee satisfaction, offering fringe benefits and attending to employee issues. The HR department has the greatest impact on the company’s culture. The digital transformation of your HR department helps enable digital changes throughout your entire organization.


Importance of a Quality Management System (QMS) for CEOs

January 28, 2019,

Every company is unique; it either doesn’t know it yet, or it doesn’t know how to articulate its uniqueness. A Quality Management System can crystallize your unique selling proposition.


Customer Experience & Intimacy for CEOs

January 2, 2019,

Enrich Your Customer Intimacy Digital Strategy with Online Surveys, Reviews & Social Media Interactions. A genuine ration of human contact coupled with mature online technologies will produce astonishing experiences for you and your customers.


Inside Sales Transformation - Process & Metrics

December 13, 2018,

Companies spend on average, 7-15% on sales. A properly staffed, trained, motivated and rewarded inside salesforce empowered with digital technologies can cut sales cost significantly! Find out how...