Susan Mell’s background includes 35 plus years as a business owner. She had her first business for 17 years in the wireless industry that included four retail locations, 42 employees with $7.5 million dollars in annual sales in today’s dollars.

As a member of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce, she participated in their Mentor/Protégé program for 18 months. Susan had the great fortune to have as her mentor, Chris Sullivan, Founder of Outback Steakhouse. With his guidance and support, he helped her to grow her business until she sold it September 2001. Susan has her Masters in Social Work Administration and passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of self-employment.

Her value is to help people discover franchise opportunities that they would not have discovered on their own. She coaches, educates, and assists clients in their exploration of their options and possibilities in self-employment and franchises. In addition, Susan assists with financing; including the SBA Express Loan program. She currently has been a franchisee owner for 20 years.

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 Susan  Mell