Michael has had more than 50 years involvement in issues with closely held businesses, and has arranged multiple transactions where family members and/or key employees have moved into management and/or ownership positions, or businesses have been sold to outsiders. In many cases, this resulted in continuing connections for the seller with the business after the transfer of control or ownership, with continued benefits, salary and perks. His experience has extended to all types of business, including professionals in their practices, insurance agencies and other service businesses, manufacturing, construction, food distribution and restaurants, including franchises. He believe that preparation for an exit strategy should be made early in the formation of the business, if possible, since he has had a number of situations where an early retirement or death occurred with no plan, to the disadvantage of the person and his/her family. Planning when there is no emergency brings far better results than fire sale deals. Experience: Lawyer, Fulton, Walter Duncombe, New York City, Associate (1964-1968) Lawyer, Levene Gouldin Thompson, Binghamton, New York (1968-2017) Associate (1968-1971); Partner (1971-2014); Managing Partner (9 years); Of Counsel (2014-2017) As a lawyer for over 50 years, Michael specialized in corporate and business matters, and in estate planning. In his later years with the firm, he served as mentor to the young lawyers coming into the firm, and as consultant to other lawyers who welcomed his expertise in matters in which he had extensive experience.  He served on a number of profit and non-profit boards, and thus got involved in the running of those organizations.

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 MIchael  Zuckerman